Mini loader new series multione

MultiOne New Series

MultiOne present the latest results of its ongoing model push, revealing even more ways to experience the brand’s hallmarks: multi functionality, power, performance and design.

The new arrival underline the expertise of MultiOne in development of fresh new machine concepts. The New Series are all new MultiOne creations based on the strengths of the most successful multipurpose mini loaders: powerful by nature, of superior performance and wonderful design. MultiOne captures the imagination with its even more powerful presence, standout performance, and innovative features.

New design increases the tipping load.

New telescopic boom enhances the lifting height.

The new best in class styling guarantees comfort and great visibility.

The new MultiOne series has been redesigned to meet the needs of any customer: from the DIY worker to the most demanding professional.

Thanks to wide array of new machines, from the smallest 6 series to the “big” 10 series, anyone we will find the right mini loader for his own needs. With the new series, MultiOne have hugely increase the offer with 5 new series (6, 7, 8, 9 and 10) and 13 models. From now on it will be possible to choose between these new astonishing mini loaders from 28 hp to 78 hp power horses, with a travel speed between 11 e 40 km/h, with yanmar or kohler engines and with single or double speed wheel motor.

As usual MultiOnes compact size and articulated frame offer great maneuverability where and when its needed. From a small indoor working area to an open field, MultiOne can reach places other machines cant.

Amazing performance of the new series, wide array of machines and attachments and professional distribution network it the winning mix that confirm the big MultiOne’s step ahead and it’s sure will be the touchstone for all mini loader in the market.

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