Multione Bee Loaders with slim line counter weights, LED light bars and side shift forks with fold up tines specifically designed and built in Australia for Australian Bee Keepers

The team at Multione Australia are working in conjunction with Australian apiarists to offer the best bee loaders right off the dealer showroom floor. We have designed, engineered and built a set of compact bee forks with high back board, fold up tines and side shift that fit onto 4 loader models. These forks can remain on the loader still be under 2.5m long for transporting sideways on trucks and trailers without removing any attachment or counter weights.

All our bee loaders come with front and rear LED light bars fitted with orange lenses for working at night without encouraging bees out of the hive. Our slim line counter weights are laser cut to keep the stylish lines of the loader and allow loads of up t0 950kg to be lifted onto a truck or trailer.

Our bee loaders are being used by commercial bee keepers Australia wide and are proving to be an invaluable piece of equipment for their apiarist operations.