Bee Loader with LED lights

New 6.3+ Bee Loader with side shift pallet forks

If you are a commercial bee keeper looking for a heavy duty bee loader then our new 6.3+ bee loader is for you.

The 6.3+ loader features heavy duty frame with high torque wheel motors to haul heavy loads up and down hills and in and out of bee sites with ease. All Multione bee loaders feature large 26×12-12 tyres and front and rear LED light bars with orange lights for working at night without encouraging bees out of the hive.

Our specifically designed bee pallet forks feature 200mm of side shift with fold up tines so you can leave the forks on the loader and still be under 2.5m for transporting sideways on the truck.

With our specially designed counter weights the 6.3+ can handle pallets of hives up to 950kg to 1.2m high

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